We <3 Chaz Bono 1

So how fabulous is Chaz Bono? Earlier this week, we found out that he had a book reading and signing for his memoir Transition: How I Became a Man scheduled for Friday at 7.30. Wait, isn’t that during the march? Won’t it split the community between two events? Disaster! So we contacted him and he was amazing! He said he specifically asked the signing be scheduled when there weren’t any other big trans events, but the message didn’t get to the right people or it got miscommunicated or who knows what and the signing got booked for Friday. Once he found out about the conflict, he apologized and immediately rescheduled the signing for Saturday at noon. What? That never happens! We totally got the warm fuzzies about trans unity and community. Yay!

Chaz Bono time change

If you want to hear Chaz speak, get a signed copy of his book or just see the man himself, here’s info for the event:

Where: Books, Inc., 2275 Market Street (map)
When: Saturday, June 25, 12 pm
More info: http://www.booksinc.net/SFCastro

So, seriously, how fabulous is Chaz Bono?

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