Trans March guidelines


Please read the following guidelines to help us keep the TM safe and powerful for all. Text is originally from Rally to Support trans/gnc students event on FB and modified slightly. It was originally written by Gwen Park and modified here by Gwen Park, both with feedback from community.

We love, love, love our allies, but this is a trans/gnc, disabled and POC centered event, so it might be a little different than other actions you may have attended. Please make sure to follow these guidelines to keep our event safe for all:

  • We are centering trans/gnc folks who face disproportionate levels of violence, harassment, abuse and erasure such as POC, disabled folks, youth and elders because we believe that when they are free, we will all be free. Please follow their lead and leadership.
  • Do not make any signs or wear apparel that equates a person’s anatomy with a person’s gender (unless it’s your own, e.g. i love my penis) b/c gender is not defined by genitals. (e.g. no pink pussy hats).
  • Do not use any variant of #blacklivesmatter unless it specifically references black people (e.g. DO NOT USE “trans lives matter” unless it’s specifically “BLACK trans lives matter”)
  • Law enforcement is generally hostile towards trans people, particular those who are black and brown. From harassment and abuse to violence and outright murder, law enforcement has not be a friend to our communities and many of our allies. Do not talk to them. Do not take selfies with them. Do not high five them. Do not thank them.
  • Do not take photos or video of individuals in the crowd without their permission. Not everyone is out and it can do real harm to inadvertently out someone.
  • This is a peaceful protest, but if anything unexpected should happen, do what you can to protect those more vulnerable than you, particularly those more at risk for harm or arrest like trans/gnc folks, youth, POC, elders and disabled folks. If you are at high risk yourself, please do what you need to keep yourself safe.
  • Please do not start anything that will force law enforcement to interfere with our event (e.g. burning things, destroying things, violence, etc.). We have many attendees who are on parole or undocumented, so we do not want to create trouble for them.
  • We have limited seating available for those who need it. Please give priority to trans/gnc folks with disabilities. Some folks have invisible disabilities, so do not judge folks who are sitting who look “fine”.
  • Do not assume a person’s gender based on their appearance. Many people may not be the gender you think. Avoid gendered language like “ma’am” or “sir”.
  • Read the following links so you support us properly–especially if you’re relatively new to actions and/or the trans/gnc community.

We also encourage other actions to promote these guidelines to make them more trans/gnc and POC inclusive.

Trans/gnc people and trusted allies of the organizers, please comment with anything else we missed.

Also, feel free to share text elsewhere.

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