Trans March 2015 5

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Join us for the 12th annual Trans March! This year’s theme is “Power Through Visibility”.

Invocation by: Holy Old Man Bull

Shawn Demmons
Garza of The House of Garza
Karlyn Isaak Lotney aka Fairy Butch
Danielle Castro

Performances by:
Vera Del Mar
Garza of the House of Garza
Lady Phoenix
Victory Le
Diana Regan
Royal Skin
The Ladies of AsiaSF
Eli Wise

Monica Helms
Willy Wilkinson

Headlining performer: Ryan Otto Cassata
Headlining speaker: TAJA’s Coalition

We are also extremely excited to announce that City Hall will be lit in the colors of the trans flag on the night of Trans March from around dusk to 1 am!!

Please note: this year’s brunch and stage will be on Dolores Street between 18th and 19th, NOT in Dolores Park. This is due to construction in the park. Next year, we hope to be back in the park proper.

MARCH ROUTE: Dolores x 18th -> Market x Dolores -> UN Plaza (Market x Hyde)

Youth and elder brunch: 12 – 3 pm
See and be seen: 3 – 6 pm
March: 6 pm – 8 pm
Afterparty at El Rio: 8 pm – 2 am (Bustin’ Out 10: Party Against The Prison Industrial Complex)

FB event:

HIV testing will be provided at the resource fair. If qualified, you can get a $20 Visa gift card

Trans March 2015 Poster

Trans March 2015 Press Release

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5 thoughts on “Trans March 2015

  • Kenny Welsh

    I really would love to participate, I am a trans guy, ftm, and yeah, I would like to learn about ways I can help fellow transgenders and things that can help me as a trangender

  • Samantha Barsalona

    I’ve attended the March several times. I’ve always thought that we need to have some sort of event at the END of the March. And Imean other than the parties at the local. clubs and bars and what-not. People arrive at the end of the March, everyone is milling about, there is tremendous energy, and nothing happens.

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