Trans Liberation Tuesday

On Tuesday, February 10, TAJA’s Coalition held the first Trans Liberation Tuesday in front of City Hall. It was a moving, powerful event full of tears, anger and passion, and it made me and the rest of TM proud of the community, even though we hated the reason it had to happen.

I personally had a really hard time being there. I held it together pretty well while we were organizing the event, but when I found out another trans woman of color, Penny Proud, had been murdered just a few hours before our action , I totally lost it–I was a crying, weeping mess who had to be watched so I wouldn’t accidentally hurt myself. I only remember bits and pieces of the day and it was only after reviewing footage of the day that I truly got to hear what everyone had to say.

The video above is something I put together for Trans Day of Visibility. It’s 3:50, which is both the length of the die-in and symbolic of the 35 years that is the average lifespan of a trans woman of color. Please watch it and share.

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