TM Conf Call Agenda


  1. Review Group Agreements
    * Set phones to vibrate
    * Don’t yuck someone’s yum
    * It’s okay to take space and do self care
    * One diva, one mic
    * Confidentiality about personal things shared
    * Agree to disagree
    * Take responsibility
    * Ask for help
    * Respect each other
    * Don’t make assumptions
    * Wait, why am I talking?
    * Agree to move forward
    * Ask if there are any additions to the group agreements or if there are any agreements from last meeting that people would like to keep in mind for this meeting.
  2. Stage/performers (Storm, Carol)
    * Mayor Lee
    * mc script
  3. Volunteers (Dylan)
  4. Photos for the Chronicle (Luis)
  5. Trolley (Gwen)
  6. Chants (Luis)
    * chant leaders: Annie Danger and ?
  7. End of March (Luis, Storm)
  8. Safety/Security (Gwen)
  9. Misc
    ** when are people showing up?
    ** Chaz Bono (Storm)
    ** Volunteer appreciation party (Storm)
  10. Anything else?