The Trans March needs your help!

Due to a shortage of safety monitors, the Trans March will be forced this year to put our trolley at the very back of the March instead of at the very front where it belongs. That means that not only will the loud trolley bell not alert people on the street that we’re here and we’re trans, but it also means that the trolley riders, who are mostly elders and those with mobility issues, will get less visibility than in years past. What? That ain’t right. But there’s still time to fix this. All we need are 10 more safety monitors!

To be a safety monitor, all you have to do it attend a training tonight Tuesday ortomorrow Wednesday and then direct the flow of the March on Friday. Tonight’s Tuesday’s training is 7 – 9 at Bench and Bar in Oakland and tomorrow’s Wednesday’s is 7 – 9 at Google in Mountain View. Just go here to apply and be sure to tell them that you’re doing the training for Trans March. And, to thank you, you’ll get an invite to our volunteer thank you party and some TM swag. Easy peasy, right?

And if you can’t do it yourself (or even it you can), can you help us spread the word? We really, really, really want to have the trolley and our elders at the very front of the March, so pretty please with sugar (or agave syrup or whatever your sweetener of choice is) on top help us make this happen!

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