The San Francisco Trans March Announces the 2010 Theme and a New Mission and Vision 2

San Francisco, CA May 12th, 2010

The San Francisco Trans March today announced the release of the theme for the 2010 Trans March: United by Pride, United by Power. The 2010 Trans March theme acknowledges the pride, power, and resiliency found within our communities. United by Pride, United by Power is a direct reflection of the Trans March’s new mission and vision statements:

The mission of the San Francisco Trans March is to inspire all trans and gender non-conforming people to realize a world where we are safe, loved, and empowered. We strive to create a space for our diverse communities to unite, and achieve the social justice and equality that each of us deserves.

The San Francisco Trans March envisions a world based in safety and justice for all, regardless of gender identity and expression. This includes:

  • Access to affordable, accessible, and quality housing
  • Access to free and culturally competent healthcare
  • Safe, stable, and equal employment
  • Access to quality education
  • Families and communities who support, accept, and love us unconditionally
  • Leadership roles and representation in social justice services, organizations and movements
  • An end to violence, abuse, and discrimination from authority figures such as police, immigration officials, and legislators
  • An end to abuse and neglect in prisons
  • An end to profiling, such as that experienced by sex workers, formerly incarcerated people, transwomen, and immigrants

Through the Trans March our communities will have opportunities to heal from the multiple forms of trauma, violence, and oppression that we continue to face.

We are elders, we are youth, we are immigrants, we are sex workers, we are professionals, we are incarcerated, we are formerly incarcerated, we are poor, we are rich, we are homeless, we are disabled, we are queer, we are straight, we are religious, we are spiritual, we are atheists, we are secular, we are people of color, we are mixed, we are white, we are living with HIV, we are your children, we are your siblings, we are your parents, we are your co-workers, we are your neighbors, we are people.

We are proud and powerful. We are each precious and we offer our beautiful gifts to the world.

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