trans march 2012

There’s a party over here, a party over there

The Trans March is only a month away. Whoa, how did that happen? It seemed like just yesterday we had at least six months until the event was going down. Can you believe we’re so close?

Which means Pride’s also right around the corner! Which means tons of June events!! Before your facebook feed gets totally out of control with all the goings on, here’s quick list of the events the March is associated with. You’ll definitely want to save the date for these because you’ll have a fantastic time at all of them.

A March for the Ages 5

Pride’s fun. Reeaally fun. The entire city gets covered in rainbows and unicorns, hot strangers from parts unknown descend upon your local bars and you get to party like it’s 1999, 1989, 1979 and 2009 all rolled up into one all in the same weekend and sometimes even in the same night! It’s a good time of the year. We’re big fans.

Eagle in Exile Pics

We don’t know about you, but we do love ourselves some hot people in beautiful leather. Soft, supple, so smooth you can…ahem, but we digress. So we were way beyond thrilled when the organizers of the SF Moto Contingent made a TM fundraiser at the Eagle in Exile happen! Not only did we raise funds (over $1000!! Thanks, Eagle in Exile community!!) and build community, we got to hang with out some amazingly gorgeous people. Want to see the hotness?


Don’t you just love stickers? They remind me of being in 1st grade when I collected and traded them with my friends. I always tried to get the unicorns and the googly eyes because, come on, they’re unicorns and googly eyes. I did a pretty good job of getting both, but I never did get a unicorn with googly eyes. But one day, my friend. One day.

But I digress. Getting back to the point, the Trans March is super excited to announce that we have brand spanking new Trans March stickers. Stickers!!

Jesus Christ…Jesus Christ

Were you there? Tell us you were there. It was good, right? No, scratch that. The first annual Sing Along Jesus Christ Superstar fundraiser (on Good Friday!!) was INCREDIBLE!!!!!! We had costumes and people waving palm fronds (haaaysannah) and folks throwing money at the moneychangers and everyone having a super fun time. Some of us still can’t get the only-in-the-70s-could-they-do-something-this-fabulous-and-not-think-it-was-gay finale out of our heads. Jesus Christ…Superstar.