Don’t you just love stickers? They remind me of being in 1st grade when I collected and traded them with my friends. I always tried to get the unicorns and the googly eyes because, come on, they’re unicorns and googly eyes. I did a pretty good job of getting both, but I never did get a unicorn with googly eyes. But one day, my friend. One day.

But I digress. Getting back to the point, the Trans March is super excited to announce that we have brand spanking new Trans March stickers. Stickers!!

Okay, so squeeing “stickers!” isn’t quite the same as squealing “puppies!” or gushing “kittens!”, but we’re just as excited because they look amazing. You can check out the design on this page and get ’em at our various events, starting with tonight’s Fun-raiser at the Buck. Hot, right? Now isn’t that worth just a little bit of squeeing? Stickers!! Squee!!

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