Purple Reign

If you’ve been over to our facebook page, you’re probably wondering: what’s the deal with all the purple, Trans March? Well, we’ll tell ya. This total genius, media saavy designer friend of ours had this brilliant idea: get everyone to wear the same color to send a powerful, nonverbal message of unity to the media AND create a STUNNING image too irresistable for all the cameras that are just itching to post things to facebook, twitter and pinterest. And why purple? We talked about it at meetings and everyone seemed to think purple was the trans-est color.

I mean, just picture it: little eddies of purple in the park that eventually swirl together to form a giant sea of purple marching up Dolores and down Market. Who’s not gonna want a pic of that? Who’s not gonna want to share a pic of that? It’s brilliant.

So come Trans March day, wear purple! Purple hats! Purple shirts! Purple skirts! Purple hair! And post about it in your social networks. Share this post, share the “wear purple” flyer and do whatever else to get the word out. The more people who wear purple, the more stunning the visuals will be and the more coverage we’re gonna get from traditional AND social media. Come on, how cool would it be to get wearing purple to go viral?

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