march 8, 2011 agenda

I. Welcome and short Check-ins

II. Review Group Agreements
* Set phones to vibrate
* Don’t yuck someone’s yum
* It’s okay to take space and do self care
* One diva, one mic
* Confidentiality
* Agree to disagree
* Take responsibility
* Ask for help
* Respect each other
* Don’t make assumptions
* Wait, why am I talking?
* Agree to move forward
* Ask if there are any additions to the group agreements or if there are any agreements from last meeting that people would like to keep in mind for this meeting.

III. If new people are present, briefly review mission and vision as well as the meeting process.

IV. Updates (including budget)
  A. Budget
  B. Follow up from Retreat todo items:
    1. Alexandra
      a. contact Felicia Elizondo re: keynoting with Compton’s people
      b. confirm final Queer Qumbia details with Josue
    2. Finance Committee (Jae, Lish, Luis, Maceo)
      a. meet before planning meeting
    3. Gwen
      a. look into ticket tracking system
    4. Jazzie
      a. contact Tamara Ching re: keynoting with Compton’s people
    5. Lish
      a. email Sgt. Linbert
      b. fill out Parks and Rec application
      c. check in with Dyke March
    6. Luis
      a. send out survey he created a few years ago
      b. message YB that march will be at Dolores this year
      c. email Parks and Rec to see if our account is current
    7. Storm
      a. email group with updates (if any)
      b. email BAAITS re: opening ceremony/further involvement with the march

V. Agenda Items
  A. Fundraising
      1. Please add a review of the Letter of Interest to the Astrea Foundation’s US Fund
      2. Grant to the agenda (probably 15 – 20 min). Luis is filling out the preliminary information and it’s due March 15th.
      3. Review of Letter of Intent for Astrea grant- 5-10 min
      4. Sponsorship
        a. letter
        b. levels
      5. General status of fundraising
  B. Review of master organizational contact list (Luis updated the list we used in the past)- 5 min
  C. Review of Process Guidelines- 10-15 min
  D. Schedule meeting with Pride re: use of Civic Center, port a potties
  E. Performer Application
  F. Schedule meeting to choose a title
  G. Graphic Design
  H. Bylaws follow up
  I. Surveys follow up

VI. Schedule Next Meeting

VII. Volunteers for next meeting: facilitator, note taker, who will bring food

VIII. Who’s not here? What communities are not represented?

IX. Check Out and Evaluations