Jesus Christ…Jesus Christ

Were you there? Tell us you were there. It was good, right? No, scratch that. The first annual Sing Along Jesus Christ Superstar fundraiser (on Good Friday!!) was INCREDIBLE!!!!!! We had costumes and people waving palm fronds (haaaysannah) and folks throwing money at the moneychangers and everyone having a super fun time. Some of us still can’t get the only-in-the-70s-could-they-do-something-this-fabulous-and-not-think-it-was-gay finale out of our heads. Jesus Christ…Superstar.

If you weren’t able to make it (and you do have our condolences), get a taste of what the night was like by checking out the pics on facebook or flickr.

Thanks to all y’all who made it such an amazing night and big, big thanks to Bad Flower Productions and The Sisters for making it happen!! We love our diverse communities!!

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