I am Trans March: Tonilyn

Who is Trans March? Tonilyn is Trans March! Are you?

Tonilyn is a proud Pin@y booty shaking genderqueer love warrior dedicated to inspiring systemic social change through music, theater & filmmaking. Toni has appeared in readings, plays, musicals and short films, while creating and facilitating spaces where other queer and transgender people of color can explore their own creativity. Their latest short Toothbrush received awards and has screened in Toronto and India. His original music has been featured most recently at Mission Cultural Center, Dolores Park Cafe, Yerba Buena Center for the Arts and TransMarch SF. Toni acts with Bindlestiff Studio, the epicenter for Pilipino performing arts in SOMA and will be pursuing their MFA in Theater Arts and Film this Fall at Stonybrook University, Southampton.

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¿Quién es Trans March? ¡Tonilyn es Trans March! ¿Y tú?

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