Have a Trans March related question? Check out our FAQ! If you don’t see what you’re looking for, send us an email at  info@transmarch.org.


What accessibility accommodations does the Trans March have?

  1. To make an accessibility request or check in with the Trans March about your accessibility needs, please email us at info@transmarch.org
  2. The Trans March is a fully accessible event:

    • The day event is in Dolores Park which is a fully accessible venue and meets ADA requirements. ADA restroom facilities are available in the park and the event will additionally have 2 ADA portable toilets for participants.
    • The street march event and end of march location are fully accessible. Additionally, you may request to ride on our trolley for the march. Please FAQ regarding trolley requests. An ADA portable toilet will be available at the end of march location.


What public transit can I take to your event?

Dolores Park is fully accessible via Public Transportation. Options include the following:

  • Taking BART to either 16th or 24th Street, then traveling the distance to the park.
  • Taking BART to 16th Street, then catching the 33 MUNI Bus on the South West Corner of Mission St. & 16th St. The 33 MUNI Bus will drop you off 1 block from Dolores Park. To fully map your route and check transit fees, visit www.511.org


I want to have a table at the Trans March, how do I do that?

Yay, we’re excited that you want to table at the Trans March! Tabling rights are reserved for our Silver, Gold and Platinum Sponsors (http://www.transmarch.org/sponsorship). We super appreciate our sponsors and we do our best to promote them throughout the year!!


Do I have to sign up to join the march?

No, you are welcome to simply show up and march with us! Trans March is a political march by individuals and communities rather than a contingent-based parade.


I’m a researcher/on a research project. Can I conduct research at the Trans March or use your website/social media?

Research can be conducted at the Trans March with prior approval from the Board of Directors. We will need the following from you: proof of IRB approval, the purpose (or similar section) from your IRB submission, and an explanation of how your project benefits local trans communities. We do not allow research to be conducted on site without prior approval.

Trans March’s Official Stance:

1. We do not offer to distribute, advertise, or conduct research studies or surveys from any person or organization, including but not limited to, graduate students, community researchers, other organizations (even if they’re lgbtq). This is true whether the study is paid or unpaid. We do not forward emailed surveys, we do not post on social media, we do not post on our website.

2. At the Trans March in Dolores Park:

a. We DO allow approved Resource Fair groups to conduct/distribute surveys/studies at their booth.

b. We DO NOT allow any Resource Fair groups or random I just showed up at the event person or group to Walk the crowd and conduct a survey WITHOUT prior consent from Trans March.


Are vendors allowed at the Trans March?

We love how creative our communities are and all the amazingly cool stuff that we can create! However, our permit does not cover vendors at the Trans March. So if you’re selling something we’ll probably ask you to go to a different area of the park, close to 18th Street.


Are drugs/alcohol allowed at the Trans March?

TransMarch is a safe and sober event. We know you like to party! But during Trans March, we ask that you keep it a sober party! We’re not trying to ruin your good time and we ask you to help us celebrate with spirit, not with spirits!

Substance abuse is a HUGE issue in our communities and we’d like a space where our community members in recovery are able to join us. Also, we’ve been informed by the City that if we can’t keep the booze and drugs out that they might need to bring police in to enforce open container laws. We don’t want that! A lot of people in our community are targeted by the police and we want to keep this event safe for everyone.

We also know some of you use medicinal marijuana, which is legal in Dolores Park. Please don’t sit near the youth/elder or family areas. If you accidently do sit near there, we may (nicely) ask you to move to a different spot while you’re medicating.


Where’s the after party?

21+ join us at El Rio immediately following the march for Bustin Out: the Official Trans March After Party Benefit for TJI Justice! Help us support the amazing work that TGI Justice does with trans people who are currently or formerly incarcerated.


Can I bring my children to the Trans March?

Abso-freakin-lutely! We love kids! We especially love trans kids and kids of trans people! We love them so much that we have volunteer face painters to help your kids have a good time! Stop by the youth/elder area for a snack, a juice box and a cool face paint–yes, we do unicorns!.


Who is welcome to march at the Trans March?

Um…EVERYONE! We heart our allies! Bring all the chosen family and family of origin that you can to the Trans March with you! Our communities are stronger with our fierce allies.


Who can participate in the youth/elder brunch?

How cool is it that we have a youth and elder brunch before the Trans March?! Lots of love to LYRIC and Open House for helping to make it happen! You’re welcome to join us if you identify as a youth or elder of the trans/gq/gnc community.


How can I get a disabled parking permit?

We have a very limited number of disabled parking spaces available. Please send us an email to  info@transmarch.org


How do I sign up to ride the trolley from Dolores Park to the end of the march?

Elders and people who are differently abled are welcome to sign up for seats on our trolley. It’s a super fun ride and you get to lead the march! The trolley will stop at the end of the route for about 30 minutes and will then return back to Dolores Park to drop people off. We start accepting reservations for seats in June and close the list the day before the March. Send us an email to save your space at  info@transmarch.org . Limited availability!


What do I do if I get injured at the Trans March? 

Yikes! We hope you’re ok!

But not to worry, we’ve got you covered, boo! If you can safely walk, come down to our First Aid area near the back stage. We have EMTs and an ambulance on hand to make sure you’re good. If you can’t walk, ask a friend or someone close to you to come down to our first aid area and we’ll send someone up to you.

If you’re injured while marching, look for someone wearing a walkie talkie or a safety monitor t-shirt.


How can I get involved with the Trans March?

We heart volunteers! Community members are always welcome to join us at our planning meetings, which are listed on our website. You can also check out our volunteer page for the kinds of volunteer opportunities that we have on the day of the Trans March.


How do I become a performer?
Fill out our application!


What if I have a random question on the day of the Trans March?

Come down to our Info booth near the back stage! We’ll do our best to answer your question.

What are the Trans March event guidelines?

Our event guidelines are outlined: here.