Trans March Event Guidelines

  1. Trans March is a celebration of trans and gender non-conforming people and all participants in Trans March are expected to embrace and respect this diversity.
  2. Trans March does not tolerate any threatening, violent or offensive behavior by or against its participants or members of the public. Any person behaving in such a manner will be ejected from the event.
  3. Any individual making derogatory remarks about a person’s sexuality, gender identity, race, ethnicity, age, nationality, linguistic background, disability, size, appearance, religion or any other factor will be ejected from the event.
  4. Trans March is a safe and sober event. Participants should not expect to take part in the event or March if they are drunk or under the influence of drugs. We request that all Volunteers are sober for their shifts.
  5. Be mindful of your surroundings and fellow participants. Alert the safety team or March organizers if you notice a dangerous situation or someone in distress. Event staff will work to remedy the situation and will be happy to provide escorts, help in contacting local law enforcement, and otherwise assisting those experiencing harassment to feel safe for the duration of the event.
  6. Possession of items that can be used as weapons or may pose a danger to March participants is not permitted.
  7. With the exception of the Trans March vehicles, motor vehicles are not permitted in the street March or along the March Route.
  8. Bicycles must be walked during the March, except as coordinated with event staff to serve an accessibility need.
  9. The front of the March is reserved for the Trans March banner, Trolley, and event staff.
  10. The March is specifically intended to forward equality and justice for the trans and gender non-conforming community. For this reason we require all banners, flags, posters, and clothing to center trans justice movements or organizations specifically serving the trans community.
  11. The administration of surveys or solicitation for research is not permitted, except as approved in advance by the Board of Directors.
  12. The purchase, sale, exchange, or distribution of goods and services is prohibited, except as permitted for Resource Fair participants.
  13. Parking is unavailable, except to Event Staff. Vehicles will be towed without a permit.
  14. No sound amplification, bands or loud music is allowed during the march event.