Check out our flyers for this year’s march! 1

We got our flyers back from our graphic designer, the ridiculously super talented (and super cute, haaayyy), Querido Mundo. Don’t you just loooove them?

A big shout you to all the people who attended our theme-naming pizza party last month and came up with such an amazingly powerful theme. Our theme and flyers wouldn’t be nearly as great without your input. Y’all rock.

And a super big thank you to the Screaming Queens who helped kick start the modern queer rights movement at the Compton’s Cafeteria Riots 45 years ago. Without your courage, we wouldn’t even have the idea of a Trans March, much less having had one for years. Thanks so much, you fierce fighters, for kicking asses, taking names and serving up human rights since 1966! You way more rock, you f*cking rule!

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