Ch-ch-ch-ch-Changes 2

We love surprises. The whole fun of the unexpected sneaking into your day and transforming the boring hum drum everyday into a sparkly fun rainbow filled wonderland. Surprises are great.

Except when they’re not. Like when you’re going to that hot new club only to find that it was shut down the night before b/c it got trampled by a herd of unicorns. Then surprises suck. Except for the fact that you’d then know a herd of unicorns visited your town. That would be awesome.

Since some of our changes this year could fall into the not so fun category if you weren’t forewarned, we thought we’d clearly announce some changes we made for this year. First off, the south side of Dolores Park (the side we’re usually on) is closed off for construction, so we have to set up on the other side of the park somewhere on the soccer field. It’s a little more, shall we say, cozy on that side of the park, but really no big deal, right? It’s a good excuse to say hello to your neighbor and make a new friend and maybe more (haaayyy!).

It’s the second thing that could actually end up making your Trans March experience a little less awesome. And that’s the fact that we’re going to start the actual march at 6.30, NOT 7 as we’ve done in the past. Why? Because it’s summer in San Francisco and it gets sooo super cold in Civic Center by the end of the march that we have to cover up every exposed millimeter of skin like we were kayaking the Berring Strait or something. We’ll still have the stage in the park from 3.30, but we’re thinking that starting the march earlier will make things a little more fun at the end. So no schedule on trans time this year and make sure you get to march with us, ‘kay?

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