A big thank you to all our performers

We wanted to thank all the amazing performers and speakers who totally heated up the stage at this year’s march. Thank you:

* DJ Stephanie Luz
* Rev. Megan Rohrer w/ Vanguard Youth
* MC Fairy Butch
* MC Danielle Castro
* Lisa Maren Stein & The Introverts
* Maceo Persson
* Josie and the Pussycats
* Kit Yan
* Fernanda Valdez
* TuffNStuff: The Last Delta Drag King
* Morgan Weinert
* Tonilyn A. Sideco
* Mia Tu Mutch
* Eli Conley & Hip for Squares
* Amber Lynn Gray
* Maura Guillarte
* Tru Bloo & the Gipsy Bingy Crew
* Felicia Flames
* Senator Mark Leno
* Bevan Dufty
* Supervisor Scott Wiener
* Mayor Ed Lee

We really appreciate your generous donation of your talent and your time to make this year’s stage so amazing. Thank you so much, y’all rocked it!

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