2016 Theme Selection Party

It is time to select the theme for Trans March 2016! Each year we gather together as a community to share and discuss potential themes for the coming Trans March. Past themes have included “Marching for Equality: Out TIme Is Now!” (2013), “Power Through Visibility” (2015), and “United by Pride; United by Power” (2010). With just over 4 months left till Trans March 2016, it is time for us to get together at A&PI Wellness to select our next theme. All we ask is that you come with all of your fierce, brilliant, unique ideas for what you want to see from this year’s Trans March, and in return we will provide food, drink, community, and a good time! Please RSVP on the Facebook event. If you cannot make it, feel free to share your ideas and feedback by leaving a comment or shooting us an email at info@transmarch.org.

New folks who are trans identified will also be welcome to fill out an A&PI Wellness intake and, if they qualify, they will get a $5.00 Starbucks or McDonald gift card. HIV Testing will be available onsite, and qualified tests can receive a $20.00 Visa gift card for being tested. We look forward to seeing you there!

Please note that as the premier Pride event for the trans community, it is our goal and responsibility to select a theme that reflects the trans community’s needs and desires. We welcome the participation of allies, but please be cognizant of the appropriate role for allies in the theme selection process. All attendees will be expected to abide by Trans March’s Code of Conduct.

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