2010 To-Do List

This page is intended to keep track of tasks we need to do for this year’s march.

  1. find banner (Storm has it)
  2. get walkie talkies (we orderd them from Champlin Wireless)
  3. get 3 megaphones (Maceo to see if TLC has one, got one from Jasmine on FB)
  4. get at least one more chant leader (currently: Alexandra, Miss Billie)
  5. get about 10 more volunteers
  6. get some volunteers to stay in park overnight (Akira to talk to JayR)
  7. get straws for performers wearing lipstick
  8. get buttons (Lish)
  9. buy waters (Luis)
  10. set time/day for post march meeting
  11. set time/day for pre march checkin
  12. set time for day of march checkin
  13. find out what time people are arriving day of march
  14. print parking permits (Dylan)
  15. get badges/nametags for volunteers
  16. get list of people allowed backstage
  17. get food from Subway (Anna)
  18. get food from Dolores Park Cafe (Lish will talk to Fresh)
  19. make sure we get port a potties at civic center from pride (Luis)
  20. get safety monitor vests (Dylan got them from Pride)
  21. get permit for civic center (Luis)
  22. get a list of who’s doing what day of march
  23. print chants (Luis)
  24. get sunscreen


Who’s doing what day of march:

Backstage Manager: ?
Chant leaders: Alexandra, Miss Billie
Media Contact: Dylan
Photographer: Gwen
Police Contact: Jazzie
Stage Manager: Storm
Sound Tech: Lish
Tweeter/facebooker: Gwen
Volunteer Coordinator: Dylan
Misc. Tasks: Anna, Gwen, Luis