2009 Performers 3


The Trans March is excited to host an array of performers and activities at our 2009 event in Dolores Park. Come celebrate and connect with community. Along side all the great entertainment on stage we’re hosting our 2nd Annual Resource Fair. You’ll be able to network and connect with trans serving organizations from all over the Bay Area and learn about the resources that are out there for you. We’re also excited to be able to host some free health services at the event. Lyon-Martin will be providing chest exams and rapid hiv testing for free as well as doing general health intakes. If you haven’t had an opportunity to connect with Lyon-Martin, this is a great organization that’s served the trans/queer community for many years. Also if you’re a new trans serving organization that hasn’t been contacted by the Trans March, please contact us as we’d love to have your participation in the resource fair.

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  • Ben

    Brandi, I have to admit that I like the both the same .. I know that wasn’t much help. I didn’t feel strongly that I prfrereed one over the other. What great photos, btw. The one with the crack in road and your feet is such a cool one!Cindy recently posted

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