2009 March Info

Friday, June 26th come out to Dolores Park in San Francisco for the largest trans event in the world!
See and be Seen 3pm – 7pm
March at 7pm

Cecilia Chung *Chair of the San Francisco Human Rights Commission*

Alexandra Byerly
Alexis Rivera *Transgender Law Center*
Andrea James *Transsexual Roadmap*
Angela Chase
Charleston Chu & Thisway/Thatway
Claudia Wonder
Davey Shlasko & Clair Farley *TEEI*
El/La Programa para TransLatinas
Julia Serano
Karlyn Lotney
Kenya Pfister *Miss Bay Area Two-Spirit 2009*
King TuffNStuff
Landa Lakes
Mahogony Sanchez
Miss Major *TGIJP*
Sabrina Suico *Walden House*
Sistas in the Pit
Tiffany Woods *TransVision*
Triangle Martial Arts with Ryka Aoki de la Cruz
**And More!**

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